Last Wednesday (3/26/2014), we played a great show at Milk Bar in SF. Really Great. Great SF bands (Debbie Neigher, Foxtails Brigade) and Great audience. We have not felt that much excitement for a long time.

There are many frequencies available in the world. Currently, most American musicians use the standard pitch (A=440Hz) for the tuning, but that does not apply to everyone in the world especially other than Rock/Commercial music, I believe.

Many classical orchestras tune higher like 442Hz to 445Hz, and guys like John Lennon & Paul McCartney have tuned their instruments to C5=528Hz (A=444Hz) in some of their songs (Paul started recording songs in 444Hz/528Hz after 1999).  

Practice…. to me, used to be a "duty" instead of a fun thing. Being a music student, I had to be a perfectionist who supposed to practice 5+ hours per day, supposed to think/talk about music all time, listen to them as much and many types/genre as possible, and so on. Honestly, I was not sure whether or not I "like" music for a long time.

Two keyboards. yes. My new workstation, well, too many keys it seems?

Moog LP Stage II

Nord Electro 3

I really enjoy the sounds & possibilities of these beautiful keyboards. That's it. 

I played at this club, Thee Parkside last Saturday. This was my second time, and it has been 10 years since I played here last (my first) time. It is amazing that this place has been standing pretty well with over (at least) 10 years while many (used be) nice clubs are now out of business.

Anyways, the gig was a kind of my anniversary also the band anniversary as well. The 10 years ago at this place, I met Gabriel very first time.   

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